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After recently having taken on a few trials, Genesis is currently not actively looking for further additions to our roster.
Exceptional players however are always welcome to make an application though.

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Merry Christmas!

by Litvan, 302 days ago

We all here at Genesis wish you all a merry Christmas and a happy New Year!

As the season demands, our raids are dwindling to a halt while we're all getting fat and complacent in the company of people we (hopefully) love, we'd like to look back at this year and reflect.

There's been quite a few ups and downs. Players left and fresh blood joined our ranks.

Personally I'm rather proud of where we are before calling it a "wrap" (reminds me I still need to wrap one present before putting it under the tree) until January.
We started out cautiously in Siege of Orgrimmar, and are ending on a high note with 5/14 dead in heroic mode.

Thanks to everyone who contributed to getting us to where we are, and I hope to see you all sober and slimmer after New Years Eve for a lot more fun in this game none of us seems able to actually quit for good :P

And with that I'll leave you with this:

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by Litvan, 327 days ago

And in other news.

We went in again, thirsting for more wipes.

Norushen was... "l0l whut???" a 1-shot that we didn't quite expect (yeh yeh yeh.. hold on to your whining.. "it's nerfed!!!" n all.. we know.. but still... expected a lil more...)

Galakras was.. interesting.. after swapping back n forth on positions, roles and what not... not to mention ppl failing gettin kicked off towers and Norguni in particular being exceptionally trigger-happy (hai mr healer shooting at mobs without a tank present!!! :P ) we actually managed to kill the damn dragon.

Forum Image

With that kind of progress (I'm betting on it not continuing forever, but we can always hope ofc) one might be tempted to quote this song:

Although, that might just return to bite us in the ass at a later point when we get to the actual hard stuff ^^
But it'll suffice for now :P

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Let the wipes commence!

by Litvan, 328 days ago

There was this one time you know, at band-camp...

Yes, you guessed it!
We've poked into heroics, and on our very first night there we got this "bad boy" down ;)

Forum Image

Oh yeah, on a minor side note, we also got bored sittin' around with our thumbs up a certain place doing fuck-all for an entire week after killing Garrosh. So we decided to go do a few achievements for a mount.
Forum Image

As our adventures into heroics progression continues, this song might be slightly appropriate in terms of running around like a flock of headless chickens ;)

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About Genesis

Welcome traveler! You must have come a long way - and so has Genesis in fact. Our humble guild was created back in 2005, and was the number one raiding guild on Stormrage-EU for quite some time. We had a pretty stable team of raiders, and were a mix of social and hardcore: "Casually hardcore" we called that. Worked for us :)

Now with Pandaria many oldies have returned and we plan to start raiding 10 man instances soon. Just to get that good ol' feeling back and our goal is simple: Be the number one 10 man guild on the server. Whether this will work or not we'll have to see, but our goals have never been modest when we really put our back into it.

So welcome, and talk to you soon!

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