Twins down

March 21, 2016

Yeah I couldn’t think of a decent title for this one, nothing would do justice to the awesomeness of the kill. We even managed to kill Stigsen on the attempt, which we all agree makes it flawless.

The fight isn’t too bad really, get the right raid balance, make sure everyone knows how to move when Conflag is about to hit and you have a winning formula. Rumour has it someone frapsed it, so I’m sure you’ll see that soon too.

Anyway, purplez time.

A big grats to:
Ferocity on [Mantle of the Golden Forest]
Zippo on [Amice of the Convoker]
Me on [Archon’s Gavel]
Jolinar on [Boots of the Forgotten Conqueror]
Elydann on [Sin’dorei Pendant of Triumph]
Selket on [Shawl of Wonderment]
and guild bank on a smeg load of [Sunmote]s

So much loot as it was reverse order.

Back soon guys, we have a Naaru to kill!

Failmyst finally fallen

Ignoring the brief and pathetic alliteration in the post heading, this was a massive kill for us.

If you’ll scroll down, you’ll see I mentioned a guild reshuffle in the Brutallus kill. What’s gone on in <Genesis> over the past month or two make that look like a tea party, and it’s been a struggle getting everything going again. Whole guild, from the newest recruit (even Angwryn) to the oldest guildmaster (I forget the name…) has done their part in bringing this together, and this pile of bones and some shiney loot is the reward. Well, it sounds worth it to me.

Sooooo… obligatory grats on purplez:
Asana on ninjaing [Leggings of the Immortal Night]
Kysen on [Boots of the Forgotten Conqueror]
and Ferocity & Hiperion on [Boots of the Forgotten Protector]

On to the Twins. I just hope they’re as much fun as the AQ40 ones. Damn, I miss those guys.

Brutallus dropped

Well he dropped several things to be precise, but Kargath Bladefist’s larger, uglier brother finally dropped for us after 2 weeks of reorganisation.

After painful learning for healers, tanks, dps and one surprisingly dopey warrior playing an alt warlock, we’re one boss further into Sunwell.

Hopefully that isn’t widescreen or I’ll get QQ’d at again.

Anyway, grats to:
Zippo on [Leggings of Calamity]
Duey and Kysen on [Belt of the Forgotten Conqueror]
Hiperion on [Belt of the Forgotten Protector]

Seems having so much Vanquisher in BT and MH has come back to bite us in the ass now. Oh well.

Onwards to Sapphiron…

Kalecgos and his funny demon thing taken down

Well I told you it would be a while before the Illidan screenshot got replaced by a new kill. Ignoring Sarl and his fancy knife, I finally have something dead to talk about.

A much shinier instance, the first boss of Sunwell Plateau is also a fair bit more interesting than any of that old Hyjal or Black Temple rubbish. He still looks like just any other corpse on the ground though once he’s given up his loots.
Sooo, trash drops aside, grats to:
– Selket on [Pantaloons of Calming Strife]
– Sukido on [Bracers of the Forgotten Vanquisher]
– and both Benzedrine and Anea on [Bracers of the Forgotten Protector]

As for the next guy. Fun cut scene. Brutallus hurts though, almost like Patchwerk all over again.

One Glaive + One Rogue = New Underwear Required

Yeah we finally got a glaive. The main hand too, which is always nice. You know the one I’m talking about – [Warglaive of Azzinoth].

Anyway, grats to Sarl who set a new guild record on dkp spent on a single item. He’s now broke, but who really cares. It looks cool, and stabz fingz just as well as any dinner knife.

After much deliberation and spreadsheet work, he decided to fly against the winds of convention and get a Mongoose enchant. Outrageous I know.

So grats again Sarl, and if you’re ever lower than 1st on dps meters from now on, I’m afraid I’ll have to hack your account and shard/vendor/melt down and turn into [Thunderstrike] that Glaive. For the good of mankind.

Game Over.

Yup, he’s dead. Wasn’t pretty, wasn’t stylish, and hell there was pain and laughter (both largely at Asana’s expense) along the way.

Below please find the obligatory killshot, complete with Heroisms, Avenging Wraths and one confused rogue in moonkin gear. If you want to stare at it, feel free as it’ll be a long while until Sunwell kill shots overwrite it :)

So, grats to:
Eniac on [Shard of Azzinoth]
Bakke on [Crystal Spire of Karabor]
Vagos on [Chestguard of the Forgotten Conqueror] that got overaggroed into [Shroud of Absolution]
and finally Benzedrine on [Chestguard of the Forgotten Protector] that got ninjaed into [Skyshatter Chestguard]

While the purples may be shiney, the polygons suitably epic, it wasn’t all fun and games along the way… When your main tank starts a fight with these immortal words, you know you’re in safe hands…

Do you wipe? Do you flee? No of course not…

And when that ain’t possible? 😛

Pure genius.

See y’all in patch 2.4.

Three epics in one trash pull!

Anyway Council died a long while ago and we just forgot to post it. Some very creative mechanics in this fight though, there’s actually an add that “heals” that you need to “interrupt” and another one that needs to be tanked by a “mage” using “spellsteal”. Where do they come up with this stuff?

One Mother @*&^%@ Later

Shadow resistance gear farmed.. check.
Learnt to all stand off to one side.. check.
Learn to run away from your guildies when “attracted” to them.. check.

Gratz to Tefa and Dietrum on T6 Shoulders and to Darksend on [Blade of Savagery]

Onwards to Illidan! (after someone posts up the Illidari Council screenshot…)

Reliquary of Souls down

3 heads but only 1 set of loot. Kind of a raw deal if you ask me.
Amusing fight. From random dps in phase 1 (wrath spam!), fun interupts in phase 2 (Darksend sucks) and the ultimate all out nuke/healage in phase 3, it’s pretty entertaining.

Anyway, grats Tyler yet again on [Pendant of Titans] and Halla on levelling loot [Elunite Empowered Bracers].