One Glaive + One Rogue = New Underwear Required

March 21, 2016

Yeah we finally got a glaive. The main hand too, which is always nice. You know the one I’m talking about – [Warglaive of Azzinoth].

Anyway, grats to Sarl who set a new guild record on dkp spent on a single item. He’s now broke, but who really cares. It looks cool, and stabz fingz just as well as any dinner knife.

After much deliberation and spreadsheet work, he decided to fly against the winds of convention and get a Mongoose enchant. Outrageous I know.

So grats again Sarl, and if you’re ever lower than 1st on dps meters from now on, I’m afraid I’ll have to hack your account and shard/vendor/melt down and turn into [Thunderstrike] that Glaive. For the good of mankind.


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