Brutallus dropped

March 21, 2016

Well he dropped several things to be precise, but Kargath Bladefist’s larger, uglier brother finally dropped for us after 2 weeks of reorganisation.

After painful learning for healers, tanks, dps and one surprisingly dopey warrior playing an alt warlock, we’re one boss further into Sunwell.

Hopefully that isn’t widescreen or I’ll get QQ’d at again.

Anyway, grats to:
Zippo on [Leggings of Calamity]
Duey and Kysen on [Belt of the Forgotten Conqueror]
Hiperion on [Belt of the Forgotten Protector]

Seems having so much Vanquisher in BT and MH has come back to bite us in the ass now. Oh well.

Onwards to Sapphiron…


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